Our Mission

Activating the emotional response of the Autistic mind to enhance those on the Spectrum to a level of functioning beyond our wildest dreams!

Teaching the youth

We prepare your child for a bright future through ethical communication and skill building

Building Bonds

We help children feel a sense of connection.

Higher learning

Giving kids the tools, they need to successfully navigate through higher level education.

Ethical Communication

Teaching kids how to communicate in an appropriate diplomatic manner.

Behavior Modifications

Teaching kids how to act and behave in a healthy diplomatic manner.

Skill Building

  • Educational Skills
  • Job Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Life Skills

Company Vision

Having autism is like having a Linux operating system for a brain. It may be less user friendly then windows or Mac, however, once the person learns to use it effectively it can be used to do great things. Our company does not perceive autism as a disease or disorder. We perceive those on the Spectrum with beautiful characteristics that may make it difficult to function in society.

How do we get around this?

Simple. The two main characteristics of those on the Spectrum are, repetitive behaviors and technical issues with social interactions. Our
company’s main objective is to turn this into gift.

This goes as follows…

Find something the person is passionate about and they can use their repetitive behaviors to become a genius at that thing. Once this is
accomplished, they will begin to function at a higher rate in other aspects of their life regarding their social development skills, by embracing and understanding their own passions, they can connect with neurotypical people at a level that most cannot. I know this because I myself Gavriel Dardashti founder and CEO of the company have helped those struggling with Autism myself and am now helping others on the Spectrum, a life beyond their wildest dreams!

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