What is Autism

How to Teach People with Autism Math Huri Dardashti Spectrum Academy is an innovative company that helps people on the Autism Spectrum enhance their everyday lives. The services provided are centered around education skills, job skills, social skills and life skills. The vision of the company is primarily based upon teaching those on the Autism

Adaptive learning techniques

Carona Virus Informing the public of a new threat that can and will cause a butterfly effect on society. Accomplishing this is no easy task. Hope for the best but prepare for the worse. This is something that of course needs be addressed, however, addressing it in an appropriate manner is essential. Without informing society

Special Education

  Learning techniques             How we perceive the world can vary in many ways. Our levels of processing can vary based one each task we are dealt with. Our ability to encode, store and retrieve our memories can differ based on the life challenge that we are dealing with. How we learn, process and retrieve