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Huri Dardashti Spectrum Academy

Huri Dardashti Spectrum Academy was founded on the love for a very special little girl name Ana. The niece of the founder and CEO Gavriel Dardashti. Gavriel and Ana developed a relationship with his niece that brought true purpose in his life. She was struggling with Down Syndrome. After two years of intensive fun filled therapy games. Ana has reached a level of functioning, beyond that of most neurotypical seven-year-old girls.

After Witnessing Ana’s progress, Gavriel began working with Ana’s friends who were on the Autism Spectrum, he found he could help these children in the same manner he helped his niece. He began working at an Autism school, where he helped with many services.

The service that Gavriel found to be most effective was private tutoring in math. He taught math in a manner were after just a short period of time, his friends began accelerating at a rate far beyond his wildest dreams.

After the Covid Epidemic occurred Gavriel Dardashti . It is now time to get back to the dream world showing the what autism truly is.

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