Life Skills

Teaching your child how to live…

Life can be challenging and that includes the essentials for independent living. Our program helps those on the Spectrum learn to cook, clean, and shop for themselves.


Our goal is to help our friends gain an understanding of cooking, as well as any potential hazards. We have our friends decide upon their favorite dishes and use a step by step process on how to get things done. This begins as a group effort and is later individualized towards each friends personal needs


The most important concern is learning how to live in a sanitary environment. In doing so, our friends gain an understanding of the importance of a healthy living environment. In addition to this we help teach them organization skills. This will not only help them feel confident in their living environment but will also help them develop structure in their life.


Food shopping can be tricky. We help our friends by taking them to the supermarket and teaching them how to work on a budget. There are two things that need to be addressed. First off is learning how to shop for healthy good tasting food. The next step is being able to achieve this within a given budget.


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