Social Skills

Building relationships…

We help those on the Spectrum gain social skills by interacting with those like them. After learning how to interact effectively with others on the Autism Spectrum, we help them achieve the necessary social skills with neurotypical individuals.

Eye Contact and Body Language

Learning how to make and maintain proper eye contact can be difficult for those struggling with autism. In addition to this proper body language can prevent those on the Spectrum from understanding what people thoroughly mean. The most effective means to achieve this is with horses. Equine therapy can be effective towards helping those on the Spectrum, learn how to make and maintain body language in a fun filled unconditional manner.

Voice Recognition

Speech require more than just verbal semantics. Our company helps those on the spectrum gain a more thorough understanding of what other people are trying to communicate, by understanding voice tones. In addition to this, those on the Spectrum can learn to communicate their needs more effectively by communicating with a calm, collective, and assertive tone of voice.


Acting can help people simulate real life events. Our specialists provide our friends with fun filled acting games to help simulate, real life social interactions. We teach our friends proper social adequate in a work, school, family, and group settings. In doing so, we avoid the any possible shame and discouragement they may be dealing with.
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