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What is Autism

How to Teach People with Autism Math

What is autism

Huri Dardashti Spectrum Academy explain what autism truly is

Huri Dardashti Spectrum Academy is an innovative company that helps people on the Autism Spectrum enhance their everyday lives. The services provided are centered around education skills, job skills, social skills and life skills. The vision of the company is primarily based upon teaching those on the Autism Spectrum how to utilize their emotions to enhance their mental capacity. By approaching the specific interests of a person on the Autism Spectrum the amygdala becomes active.

  In doing so, they can learn and develop skills that help them function in society at an accelerated rate. Although these methods can be applied to all areas of knowledge the company’s primary focus is helping those on the spectrum enhance their mathematical aptitude. 

Why Math? Because many job opportunities are awaiting those with applied mathematics. It has been proven that autism is not necessarily a disorder. The brain of a person with Autism has been found to have a wider cerebral cortex. This is the part of the brain responsible for thoughts that connect both logic and creativity.

 Neurotypical people may have the potential to transition between these two hemispheres of the brain, however, unlike those on the Autism Spectrum they are limited in their capacity to combine the two hemispheres used to produce work that both follows a structure and is flexible in terms of adjusting the logic with a creative touch. 

Many people may ask the following question. Where do we find this principle in terms of mathematical aptitude? The answer lies in many new fields in the world of business. For example actuaries used to predict potential profits and risks associated with investments and Search Engine Optimization skills used to predict the most effective means to land top placements on Google’s Search Engine for widely searched keywords. Our primary focus is teaching math to those on the autism spectrum through methods they find enjoyable. This will not only help those on the spectrum find suitable jobs but may one day lead to a significantly improved economy. 

Gavriel Dardashti the CEO and founder has taken the time help his father secure the legacy of his business. Gavriel Dardashti helped his fathers company not only succeed but also helped doubled the business with mathematical skills. After Getting his fathers work published


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